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You can now pay and withdraw through Vodafone Cash

Dolinks always seeks to provide the easiest methods of money transfers to its customers, so Vodafone Cash (Egypt) has been provided as a payment method to facilitate financial transactions related to the payment of services, toping up the account balance and withdrawing money for both the seller and the buyer.
March 2, 2021

Why Dolinks is your best choice ?

Online Working through platforms lately has become common in the business world, not only because of Corona virus, but it has provided a great opportunity because of shutdowns and precautionary measures that caused in general bad trade movement, while dealing with these platforms has proven that they are more flexible and less costly than full-time...
February 27, 2021

Quick responses tool has been added

We have added a tool for quick responses to the chat system in Dolinks to facilitate contact between users, and this tool is used to save the private responses of each user and send them through the conversation with one click to save time and effort. How can I benefit from it: You can save...
February 16, 2021