Become a dolinks Affiliate and Start earning money today!

Affiliate Program

Dolinks gives you an opportunity to improve your income through its affiliate program. There are many services provided on the platform that can benefit the labor market and business owners.

Start marketing through your referral link by sharing it with friends or advertising through your website, blog or YouTube channel and start earning profits.

Your Earnings

Dolinks gives you rewards and profits for each of the following events

per visit

You will get (0.01$) for each new visit on the platform

per new register

You will get (0.25$) for each new registration on the platform

per service purchased

You will get (1$) per service purchase, up to a maximum of 200 services per user

Pay for published service

You will get (0.50$) on the first service that the new user publishes

Pay per balance top up

You will get ($2) for each balance top up a maximum of 200 times per user

How do I join the Affiliate Program?

Your steps to start earning profits

Join Us

Join for free to Dolinks and then confirm your account in order to be able to buy and sell on the platform and benefit from the affiliate program

Referral URL Generator

Create your own referral link that you will share on the sites and with friends to bring them to the site

Advertise & Share

Start by sharing your link with friends and advertising the platform through your website, blog or channel, and you can use our advertising banners.

monitor your profits

People will start entering the platform through your referral link and you will start earning profits and you can monitor your profits through Affiliate report.

Unique IP Address registration only

Registration should be done after clicking on the referral link directly

dolinks will suspend any account abuse the program and cancel all amount earned from the referral program

Referred friend must confirm email and verify ID to get the referral amount

Root must be approved and published by a verified friend to get the referral amount