Terms Of Service

When you use Dolinks in any way, you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions for using the site mentioned on this page. This includes any amendment that may be made to the terms in the future as long as you continue to use the site after making the adjustment.

In the case that any of the terms and conditions for using Dolinks platform is violated, this grants the right to Dolinks platform to suspend the account of the user who committed the violation, without any prior notice, while giving the platform the right to take all legal action against him.

Reasons for deactivating your account on Dolinks platform:

  • Any violation of the terms or conditions of using Dolinks platform.
  • Harming Dolinks platform or any of its users by any means.
  • Using insulting words, whether direct or indirect, to any member or towards the platform. Whether it is within the means of direct communication between the members, or through the general communication pages on the platform, or through the means of communication with technical support.
  • Register on the platform with a different user name such as phone number, email, website address, names that contain a harmful name…
  • Using direct communication between members, or public communication pages on the platform, with the aim of advertising to other sites .sending public announcements or messages and comments as spam.
  • Registering with more than one account on the platform, may lead to permanently suspending all accounts.
  • Writing comments as spam or useless comments, with the aim of entertainment or advertisement.
  • If it is proven that an impersonation of a seller, a known public figure, etc. has occurred, this leads to the immediate suspension of the account holder.
  • Frequent complaints from other buyers or sellers towards a user. If it is proven that he was involved in problems, his account will be suspended immediately.
  • In the event of continuous complaints and filing of fraud claims against other users for the purpose of harming their reputation and damaging
  • Paying on Dolinks platform by using illegal, stolen, or incorrect PayPal accounts or bank accounts
  • Delivering the service and getting the money before it is completely done.
  • The seller’s exploitation of the buyer’s unawareness of the service and tries to circumvent him.
  • For the buyer to request services that violate the conditions for using Dolinks website, and for the seller to accept that, this exposes the two accounts to suspension.
  • The user’s selection of a country other than the country in which he resides, on his personal page.
  • A user sells his personal account on Dolinks platform, where the account becomes permanently suspended.
  • Deleting or stopping service and then re-adding it again in order to delete or hide the negative rating.
  • Registering a young man on the platform as a girl or a girl as a young man.
    The seller has agreed with a user to buy his services for the purpose of evaluation only, and both accounts will be suspended together.
  • The buyer or seller canceling service or a number of services without a clear reason for the cancellation.
  • Receive alerts on an ongoing basis as a result of wrongdoing, ignore those alerts and continue committing violations.

In some cases, it may be sufficient to send an alert (via e-mail or the alerts system in the user’s account) to the user to warn, advise, or inform him of committing a violation and warning not to repeat it. In this case, the account may not be suspended.

In the event that a user’s account is suspended and there is a legitimately acquired balance within that account, then the user can contact the technical support of Dolinks platform to make the withdrawal of funds after 45 days have passed from the date of suspension of the account.

How to avoid denying or deleting your service:

Dolinks has the right to delete any service that it thinks violates the platform’s terms of use. When a service is deleted, an alert is sent (via e-mail or the alert system in the user’s account) of the deletion or rejection of that service with an explanation of the reasons for that. Nevertheless, Dolinks has the right to refuse the service sometimes without giving the reason for the rejection as long as it thinks it is a service that is not suitable for display on the platform. When adding any service, please adhere to the following criteria, In order not to make the service is denied or permanently deleted:

  • Failure to provide poor service. Where the offered service is required to provide a single and clear benefit to the buyer, at a clear and specific price, and within a completely specific time. Providing any additional services or values by using additions to the service.
  • Use a clear and unambiguous address.
  • Use an image with good resolution and appropriate dimensions. And the picture does not contain women in any way or anything disgraceful.
  • Putting an adequate description of the service in a way that leaves no room for misunderstanding between the seller and the buyer.
  • All specified service characteristics must be identical to what is stated in the written description. For example, it is not permissible to put the price in the properties of $ 5 and write that the price is $ 10 in the description of the same service.
  • Not to repeat the phrases used in the description of the service just to reach the minimum number of characters in the description.
  • Regarding services such as I choose a name for you for your product or company, bring followers, increase likes, bring views … In these services, in the event that any problem occurs between the seller and the buyer and the seller is unable to provide a confirmed, frank and clear proof of the implementation of the service to the fullest, it becomes Then to cancel the purchase order and return the money to the buyer.
  • With regard to financial services, the seller must state that he will not fully implement any request before 24 hours have passed since the request for the service or services, and he is actually obligated to do so. Failure to comply with this leads to the cancellation of the orders even after their implementation, and the seller will bear the loss in that case.
  • The following services fall under the category of prohibited services on Dolinks , which are rejected and removed:
    • Providing services that violate the teachings of Islamic law.
    • Services that cause harm to Dolinks , directly or indirectly, to its users.
    • Services that violate the laws and regulations of the countries provided in them.
    • Website selling services, pages, and accounts on sites that prevent this, such as Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, ready-made Google Adsense accounts, etc.
    • Completely copied services from other users.
    • Bitcoin Financial Services.
    • Services of providing virtual or real Visa cards, as well as PayPal activation services and related matters.
    • Pirated software, books, products, software cracks, and everything that violates the rights of others.
    • Spam services, such as sending thousands of e-mails or selling programs and scripts that do so.
    • Services to bring visitors in illegal ways, such as relying on spam sites or exchange sites, or services that bring fake visitors, fans, or followers.
    • Counseling and medical treatment services, because cause harm if the service provider is not an experienced doctor. In addition, a physical examination is the best for a proper diagnosis.
    • Services to bring votes or increase voting at voting sites, prizes, and others.

Protect users:

In order to protect the users of Dolinks , the administration pledges to adhere to the following:

  • Protect any user from any abuse that may be directed at him by another user. And work to take the necessary measures against the offending user in the event that this occurs. 
  • Follow up the activities of users, whether sellers or buyers, to ensure that no fraud occurs, in addition to ensuring that all users adhere to the ethics and principles of the transaction. And this is according to what is available within the method currently used in the buying and selling processes used on Dolinks . And work to stop the account of any user dealing otherwise. 
  • In the event that a report has been received of a hack or theft of a user’s account, or there is a suspicion by the administration that this has occurred, the administration has the right to request documents proving the identity of the account owner and to act towards the problem according to the evidence provided. 
  • The registration of any user on the platform means his commitment to the terms and conditions for dealing on the platform, and thus his approval of the decisions and actions that the platform management may take towards any violation of these terms and conditions.